Weather update....

A belated big THANK YOU to all those brave souls, including our #1 fan Mr Clive Bray of Bridgnorth, who braved the pouring rain to come and see us battling the raging torrent running through Wellington Square. Hope you enjoyed the two numbers we played before being forced to abandon ship.
Thank you also to the numerous people who came to support us at the All Nations that same evening, only to be disappointed on discovering that the venue had cancelled the gig due to a forecast of continuing inclement weather. Perhaps the Met Office needs to invest in a new bit of seaweed, for this cancellation enabled Mike to get on with some much-needed jobs in the garden until darkness fell!!

You will all no doubt be delighted to know, therefore, that the band will be continuing to keep music live on Saturday 4th October. They will be giving a fundraising concert at St Peter's Church, Worfield, which is renowned for its fine spire. The performance begins at 7:30 pm and admission is £7.00. Advance tickets are available from Sheila Plain (01746 716273) and will also be available on the door.
(We are pleased to note that Mr Bray, who has already bought his ticket, won't have quite so far to travel this time!)


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