World Tour of Wales 1997

Here's a rarity - a gig that Mike had completely forgotten about until he came to remaster the tape! Don't know why, as you will hear that it was a very relaxed session in congenial surroundings featuring, among other things, Brian sawing his trombone in half and THE JOKE. The musically astute will note that Brian was also let loose on a good old-fashioned steam piano!

Mike Gray (saxes); Beki Grace (vocals); Brian Jones (piano & valve trombone); Jim Norris (guitar); Tim Jones (bass); Phil Asma (drums). Recorded at The Trewythen Arms, Llanidloes on 21st September 1997.

Feel free to download these tracks, make your own CD and relive this memorable evening by:
a) filling your living room with tobacco smoke 
b) inviting 50 inebriated strangers to join you
c) playing the CD loud!!


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