We have a singer!

Vocalist Beki Grace joined the band in 1996 and was an instant hit with audiences. She sang with the band for about 5 years before moving away from the area to give full reign to her Thespian tendencies. She is now an established composer and character actress - to find out more about her visit her website 

This was recorded at a rehearsal at The Pheasant, Admaston in September 1997. The musicians present were Mike (saxes), Brian (keyboard), Tim Jones (bass) and Phil Asma (drums). You will be able to hear more from Beki in future blogs, as soon as Mike gets round to remastering further cassettes from his vast archive.
To whet your appetite, here she is singing one of the numerous obscure tunes Mike has excavated for the band to use. Discerning listeners will notice her exceptional skill in singing brackets!

Indiana (otherwise known to the band as The Prince Charles Song*) was recorded at the same session and features Brian on his valve trombone. If Steve Lacy and Roswell Rudd had been contemporaries of The Flintstones they may well have sounded like this!

* rude joke


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