Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny

3 In A Bar cover a lot of ground, especially when they stand far apart. Here they are playing Frank Zappa's "Chunga's Revenge" at The Pheasant, Admaston in May 2007

This was a farewell party for Mike's good friend Stu Hartland and his family, who were moving to sunny Bury St. Edmunds. Stu is an accomplished rock drummer and was talked into sitting in with the band for a couple of mutually agreed numbers - with no rehearsal! Didn't he do well, folks?

On hand were 3 In A Bar regulars Mike Gray (baritone sax); Keith Crane (tenor sax); Paul Hobbs (guitar) and Eve Fayle (bass guitar).
The cool alto solo is by David Lang, one of Mike's ex-pupils, who was guesting with the band that night.

Eve played regularly with the band in the early years of the 21st Century (this still sounds futuristic to me!) She is now based in Leeds, where her funky bass playing continues to go from strength to strength.

To find out what she has been doing since this gig have a look at her Myspace page (see the Jazz Links section, where you will also find a link to The Wrong Object, an excellent Belgian band who play a lot of Frank Zappa compositions*).

And from the same session, again with Stu on drums and with Mike on soprano sax this time, is a totally unplanned performance of a well-known Herbie Hancock tune.

Stu had never even heard this one before playing it!

* Mike resists the temptation to add "I don't know why, he never played any of theirs!"


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