Not Our Most Popular Number...

Recent investigation of the YouTube videos listed in the Hear Us! section to the left, has shown that Watermelon Man, for a long time the band's grand finale and an opportunity for gratuitous introduction of band members by Mike, is no longer the most viewed. The version included here was recorded at The Stompers' Xmas Xtravaganza, Market Drayton, 29/12/2005 and features Mike Gray (soprano sax); Keith Crane & Emily Floyd (tenor saxes); Brian Jones (piano); Paul Hobbs (guitar); Dave Towers (bass); Phil Asma (drums).

Vital Statistics:
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen             3,389
Shuffle Twist                            1,993
Watermelon Man                      1,711
Darktown Strutters' Ball             1,398
Blue Bossa                                 851
A-Train                                       649
Wild Man Blues                           535
Sidewalk Blues                           365
Easy Rider                                  332
You're Nobody's Sweetheart Now  320
Avalon                                       281
Lady Be Good                            250
It's Hard When I Think Of You    150
St. Louis Blues                          149
Merely The Blues                       145
Ain't Misbehavin'                        120
Fine And Mellow                        119
Feeding The Crocodile                 99
Down With Love                          53

Does this mean that there are a lot more language students around these days?


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